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Welcome to The Magnifying Class

Hi, I'm Lisa Joy Desberg, and I'm grateful you're here. 


If you are looking to increase your confidence, energy and awareness, I can help you gain the mindset to live an aligned and authentic life.

My education and leadership degrees, two decades of teaching, and yoga and reiki certifications have uniquely prepared me to help you reach your greatest potential. 


I created The Magnifying Class offerings to give you a variety of opportunities to love and care for yourself - mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Self care works like magic!




Join Lisa Joy Desberg and The Magnifying Class live every Sunday at 9 am and Wednesday at 8 pm EST.


one on one sessions

1:1 personal coaching offers you the clarity and confidence you need

for true growth.


upcoming courses

Check out The Magnifying Class' upcoming courses!


workplace wellness

Promoting wellness in the workplace leads to stronger morale, better performance, less stress...

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