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The Magnifying Classes

The principles around energy, self love & manifestation are for EVERYONE.

Say it with me: I want to envision and embody the best for myself and create a positive ripple effect.

All this goodness is circulating all the time — we are exchanging it receiving it, so let’s create magic by working with it too! You are a magical soul.

Be open to it all, expect it all, and then go ahead and create a life you love living.

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Magnifying Class

  • A unique self love program heading into the -BER months

    127 US dollars

Magnifying Class


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Love Yourself
"I was talking to a colleague who was experiencing a real low . . . how I was feeling 6 weeks ago. I gave her specific examples to prove that what she believes to be true, actually isn’t! I channeled you & all I’ve learned so far & by the end of our conversation, I could hear that she felt better. I just want to say THANK YOU! You are changing lives!"

— Miranda G.

"Boy, have I done a 180. I call you my personal life coach to my friends. These sessions have me so ALIGNED with my thoughts/goals/dreams. I mean look at where I was just a couple months ago having anxiety and self doubt & saying unkind things to myself. I’m so much stronger now."

— Merry D.

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