One on One Sessions

1:1 personal coaching offers you the clarity and confidence you need for a major awakening. Think: transformation and expansion!  I will support you through every step -- digging deep into the why, releasing the guilt and shame, and most importantly, taking inspired actions beyond our sessions. At the conclusion of every call, I will give you 2-3 techniques that you can implement in your daily life.

Through this inner work, you will begin to step into your next level of alignment; that is, you will have the deepest connection with yourself . . . deeper than you ever have. You’ll feel as if your body and soul are working in harmony with your thoughts and actions. We’ll make sure that you are being real with yourself about what once was and now what is. You will show up as your authentic self -- you will be in awe of your beauty and strength -- the more you care about yourself, love yourself, and trust yourself.


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One-on-One Session