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Reiki is an emotional and physical healing energy that is channeled from the universe, through me, unto you. Energy is not limited to time and space. 


Your session will offer you healing, it will show where your energy is open and/or blocked, it will balance you, and it will offer you an awakening and awareness immediately and/or for days and weeks after.


I conduct my in-person and distance reiki sessions the same. The only difference is they are done via FaceTime/Zoom/Phone. Some say, distance reiki is quicker, and at times more powerful, because it transcends the physical body and goes right to the metaphysical.


Sessions with Reiki Master & Teacher

Lisa Desberg


75 Minute Sessions · $125


Explanation of the process and answering of any questions.

Intention sharing and guided breathwork and visualization.


I set the space and allow universal life force energy to guide me in opening, closing, and balancing the chakras.  I key into the recipient’s energetic body and channel awareness and insight. 


Dialogue and discussion that entails the understanding of imbalances and blockages and at times includes guidance and direction as this is important so that the recipient has the knowledge and tools to continue their path of healing and growth.

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