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The Magnifying Class and Lisa turned a true skeptic into a believer! During a challenging time personally and professionally, Lisa took the time to work one-on-one with me on refocusing my perspective and working on manifestation. Her calming guidance and understanding of the work that needed to be done helped me get comfortable in the uncomfortable, ultimately helping me usher in my next (and better) chapter. The classes truly are a key element to your inner self care, helping you better understand yourself and your goals while harnessing the outside influences to your benefit. Each class and session has a different focus but combined together give you a holistic approach to yourself that should be part of everyone’s routine. - Danielle J


Thank you so much for holding space for me to take your Magnifying Class workshop. After the first class, I made some huge changes in my life. I joined WW, I started journaling again, and I am watching the seeds we planted in that class grow. “Complex ideas presented in a welcoming way” is how I would describe my experience. After the second class, I pulled out my dot journal and started my daily care routine again. The most important thing I took away from the second class I attended was “microchanges,” I find myself looking at the little things I “should” be doing and am anxious to spend the few minutes doing them so my brain is not as cluttered. I truly feel more organized, my space is less cluttered, and I’m able to track my daily journal in ways I have always enjoyed and forgot about. I will be back for another class soon. Please know that I would recommend your instruction for everyone. - Maura H


The power of self love flows through me and I feel it in me and all around me thanks for tonight’s Wednesday Wisdom class. The self care session was so lovely and brought a couple tears but those good, good tears. - Tory S

I ended the day with a smile on my face. Thank you to Lisa and The Magnifying Class. 2021 is about confidence, love and trying new things. - Emma D

Tonight’s lovely self care session talked about self-love, grounding, & visualization  and was totally a 100. This class, my friends, is a true testament to how special taking care of yourself is. - Melissa B

The best way to spend a Wednesday night. I’m discovering a ray of light in the darkness. - Christine S

Tonight was everything and more than I could have ever expected. Thank you, Lisa and The Magnifying Class, for opening my eyes to self care and positive self talk. Now, more than ever, it is so important to be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel confident. Self love and confidence has not always come easy to me but classes like this help me understand my self worth. - Maya B

What a great experience tonight in The Magnifying Class’ manifestation class. Lisa is amazing. If you are interested in self growth and learning more about yourself, take her class. She hosts classes 2 x week via Zoom. I learned a lot and can’t wait till next week. - Lauren C

What a way to kick off let go of one month & get ready to step into another. The Magnifying Class is a blessing and a half. These mindset/manifestation/wellness classes are where it’s at. - Alyssa W

These classes are fantastic, I am floored. I really believe you will impact a lot of lives doing this. My husband listened in with me and now he’s singing Michael Jackson “You Are Not Alone,” and I asked where the heck he got that song from and he said the card pull reminded me of it! Rachel T

Lisa, this is your calling! You are a master at listening to people and offering advice and reflecting - it’s natural that you found your way to this. I’m so proud and happy for you. Take The Magnifying Class. - Amy T


Thank you Lisa and The Magnifying Class for an awesome self-care Super Sunday class! I have been extremely burnt out lately, and I definitely needed to pause and reset for the month ahead. I am already feeling more ready to face this month! My self-care and mindfulness peeps, I highly recommend getting connected with Lisa! She was my teacher in HS who I’ve been blessed to stay connected with -- she is an all around super star of a human and graciously shares her wisdom and knowledge to help guide us. - Heidi B


So many notes from The Magnifying Class this morning!!! Thank you, Lisa, for blessing my Sunday morning! Feeling SO ready for March. - Judy B

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