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Workplace wellness

Promoting wellness in the workplace leads to stronger morale, better performance, less stress, increased motivation, and overall happiness. Self care is not a luxury; it’s a valuable component of overall success.


Rather than having self care be something “outside” of work, it’s important to weave it naturally into the work environment. A guided session will show employees just how they can do this.


Workplace Wellness Events

with Lisa Desberg


A 45 minute live, virtual guided session can be for a team or for the entire company.

Sample Session:


Grounding exercise (breathwork, meditation, manifestation, visualization)

4-5 activities (reflection, clarity, celebration, movement, support, self love)

Takeaways to use at work and in life (intentionality, space, creativity, play)



"I contacted Lisa about doing a wellness and self-care workshop for my team of marketers at a digital marketing agency. Working with Lisa was an absolute joy - she was responsive and detail-oriented. She asked really great questions so we could plan the best workshop possible for the team. The class was tailored and personalized for the team and they loved the session! We explored rest, creativity & creative vs. consume together which resulted in some really great takeaways
and personal growth. I highly recommend hiring Lisa and the Magnifying Class for corporate self-care workshops.
We'll be bringing her back to work her magic soon!" - Katie G

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